Police Misconduct and Municipal Liability Litigation

We represent police officers and municipalities in a wide range of legal matters involving allegations of police misconduct, including claims involving wrongful conviction, false arrest, excessive force, malicious prosecution, due process violations, illegal search and seizure, conspiracy, “Brady”-type violations, unconstitutional practices and policies, wrongful death, and willful and wanton conduct. We also regularly conduct presentations for all ranks within the police department from patrol officers to captains relating to the litigation process as an additional gratis service for our municipal clients.

For our municipal clients, we regularly conduct seminars for police personnel-from patrol officers to captains-relating to effective participation in the civil litigation process. Police misconduct verdicts and meritless legal claims are a substantial drain on public funds and can divert monies away from the provision of important public services. It is our belief that a great majority of these police misconduct verdicts can be avoided through effective preparation and effective communication, both at deposition and at trial. This process of preparation and communication begins well before a lawsuit is ever filed and we truly believe that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Please contact us if you are interested in this seminar.